Guests at The Lodge have access to hunt on over 20,000 acres of privately owned ranches located in Nebraska and Kansas -- all within twenty miles of Haigler.

The Republican River meanders through the center of the hunting property east of Haigler, Nebraska. Tall grass and wooded breaks along this magnificent river play host to a variety of game. Mule deer, whitetail deer, turkey, and waterfoul are abundant. This is the part of Nebraska where legends are made. Hunt the breaks, the river bottom, or in the hills overlooking the Republican river. You are sure to experience the hunt you came for.

Bow hunters love this beautiful country. The month of December is muzzleloading season when the deer gather along the river. In the spring, hundreds of turkeys wander up and down the wooded river area. Think about the possibilities!

In addition, we offer varmint hunts, particularly coyotes and prairie dogs. Each year at calving time, coyotes decrease our calf crop by at least two or three. Eradicating prairie dogs is very costly and we appreciate hunters improving our rangeland.

Know that when you book your hunt, you will have a GREAT place to stay with all the comforts of home. You can place your reservation for The Lodge by calling George and Carol Peterson at 308.297.3459

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